my best vintage finds of 2012

Bob Allen Sportswear Shooting Vest - Des Moines, IA

SafTbak Hunting Vest - Altoona, Pa

Embroidered Hunting Vest (no label)

Vintage Duxbak Hunting Pants - Utica, NY - 40’s-50’s

Vintage Duxbak Hunting Coat - Utica, NY - 40’s-50’s

I am guessing this is the next style compared to the earlier post.  It’s interesting to see the design tweaks.

Montgomery Ward Western Field Hunting Coat

Vintage Duxbak Hunting Coat - Utica, NY - 30’s-40’s

Vintage Cranbrook Wool Shirt - 60’s

Vintage Red Wing Moc Toe Leather Boots - 878

The red wool lining makes these my boots of choice for snow!

Vintage Western Pearl Snap Shirt (no label)

Vintage WWII Souvenir Tour Jacket - Reversible

Vintage Souvenir Tour Jacket

Montgomery Ward Brent Wool Shirt - Made in Japan - 50’s-60’s

Van Heusen Karawool Vanopress Shirt - 50’s-60’s

Vintage Conqueror Tropical SS Shirt - Union Made